Preparing to travel with your dog may seem a bit stressful but believe us when we say there is nothing better than sharing your adventures with your canine companion. Here are the


Top 10 items we wouldn’t be caught without:


Mobile Dog Gear Pack

Your own doggie suitcase! What could be better?

Having all your dog’s essentials such as a water bottle,

blanket, toys, food and other must-haves, in one place

makes it easy to grab and go. The bag comes with travel

feeding set including two pouches to carry dry food and

treats as well as two silicone bowls that fold flat and

pet placemat to keep feeding time clean and tidy. The

mobile dog gear bags come in various options and sizes

to suit every need.



A great harness is always useful and can sometimes be

safer than a collar. What type you choose to go for will

depend on the activities you plan to do whilst away so

have a read through the specific uses of different

harnesses. As well as your everyday and sport specific

harnesses we also recommend a travel harness for

your car for keeping your dog safe enroute to your

destination. Safety for your dog is number one priority.

Check out the Kurgo impact harness that has been

crash tested up to 108lbs.



You’ll need to select a lead that can be used for a

variety of activities whether you’re looking to go

walking, running, biking, or simply something light and

comfortable so you can easily keep your dog under

control. Something to keep in mind is that some

campsites require dogs to be kept on lead at all times.

A good all-rounder is the Ruffwear Front Range Lead

that comes in a range of colours.



We find trekking belts super useful for when you

want to be hands free but keep your dog safely

nearby. The Non-stop Dogwear Ferd Belt is

developed for those who like to enjoy nature

together with their dog. Extremely comfortable

with a moulded back for an ergonomic fit and a

cell foam core makes it water-resistant. Belts are

also great for your pup to give you a helping hand

when you come across any steep hills!


Dog Sleeping Bag

Your dog will love having their own place to rest

at night. Somewhere warm and cosy where they

can feel safe and rest up after a long day of

adventuring whether that’s hiking, biking,

swimming, paddle boarding or playing fetch out

in the fields. Sleeping bags are a great way to give

your dog their own place and to keep them warm

on a cold night. Our favourite is from Non-stop

Dogwear - it can also double up as a simple dog

bed and is so light and easy to chuck in the car

and move around. You can also have it

personalised too!



Have you thought about giving your dog a job to do

and allow them to share the load? Most dogs love

feeling like they are useful and part of the team and

will be more than happy to help. Using a backpack

can tire your dog out more, keep them happy and

they are so easy to bring along any useful extras

you might need such as a first aid kit, some water

to drink, even a ball or toy. Whatever you want,

really. Just be mindful not to overload your dog and

build up in weight gradually. Never exceed loading

the pack with more than 10% of your dog’s body




You may need a jacket to keep your dogs warm once

the temperature drops, especially at night. When

choosing a coat or jacket bear in mind your dog’s

movements, make sure that they can move

comfortably. We use the Glacier Jacket from Non-

Stop Dogwear as it is super comfortable for Duke and

it’s windproof and water-repellent. They are also

brightly coloured so that you can see your dog at

night. If the weather takes a turn for the worse a light

raincoat may be of great benefit, keeping your dog dry

and warm in the rain.


Life jacket

Duke LOVES the water so much that he doesn’t

realise just how tired he gets. This essential piece of

equipment means that we know his head will always

be above water no matter what.


Drying Robe

Planning on any water-based activities - this is a must. The

drying coat from Ruff and Tumble is amazing! Quick drying,

comfortable and stylish. This will keep your car from getting

wet and muddy and will keep your dog warm and cosy after

a swim. Take a look at all the colour options. It can be

personalised too!

Additionally, a pair of elbow length drying mitts will keep

your hands clean as you dry those muddy paws and legs.



With many varieties to choose from, GPS trackers

have become more and more popular recently. The

ability to open an app on your phone and hone into

your dog’s exact location is giving owners peace of

mind in the event your furry companion decides to

take themselves for a walk. These trackers can alert

you if your dog wanders outside the parameters of a

“digital fence”, as well as monitoring mileage and

step count – great to see how much exercise your dog

is getting!


Small Extras

Don’t forgot items like paw care, first aid kits, water

bottles, treat bags, food storage, safety lights or

balls and toys! All small, don’t take up much room

but will really add to your trip by having them with

you! One of Duke’s favourites are the Skipping

Stones from Kurgo - a great way to entertain your

dog on land or in the water. They don’t get

waterlogged and are brightly coloured so that they

can be seen clearly by both you and your dog.


We hope you found this article useful and enjoy your adventures with your furry best friends! If there is anything else that you wouldn’t adventure without and you think should be on this list, please write to us at

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