How We Got Here

 My passion for adventure led me to travel with my partner. After two years, we settled in Canmore, a small town in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Having been denied a dog as a child 😢 (didn’t fit with my parents’ lifestyle) I finally had my chance! 😀 Duke, an eight-week old golden retriever, joined our family. He soon became my perfect adventure buddy.


I’ve always enjoyed the ‘outdoor life’ – running, hiking, camping, biking - but had no idea how much more I’d enjoy all those simple pleasures and adventures when sharing them with my dog. Now, back in the UK, we continue to share adventures and make memories.    



It became clear that there were too many generic, low cost, low quality products on the market. So…….  

From our UK Fulfilment Centre, we now provide high-quality products to like-minded people who want to safely experience different adventures with their canine companion putting the welfare and well-being of their dog first.   

We hope to inspire you and your dogs and, perhaps, encourage some of you to try new activities you haven’t thought of before so you too can experience the joy of sharing those adventures with your canine friends.


All of our products are sourced from trusted suppliers. Their years of manufacturing experience have enabled them to find out what works and what doesn’t.             

We can embroider or print on many of our products to make them even more special for you and your dog.