Medical Detection Dogs

Canmore Canines is passionate about the welfare and wellbeing of dogs. We also value the amazing part dogs play in our human world and recognise the fantastic work of many dog charities.
The experience of a family we know is captured in their testimonial below:
"Our son, Tom, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes nearly ten years ago at 5 years old. From that day, it’s been a long round of injections and hypos. He became less and less aware of his hypos the older he got and where, on average, a diabetic will have 2-3 hypos a week, Tom sometimes had 6-7 in a day. This was scary and he told me that it had felt like ‘he was dying’.
As his parents, it was hard for us to see him like that, especially when his blood  levels could go so low that he was close to collapse numerous times a week. He’s a very independent child and growing up with a condition like that is very difficult.
I was told about Medical Detection Dogs by a friend who had seen a presentation about how a specially trained dog could help Tom before his bloods could rise or fall to dangerous levels. Since working with this Charity his hypos are less severe and we can all sleep better at night knowing his dog is there to let him or us know if there’s a problem."
Sarah & Russell
The work they do is truly amazing and we have therefore chosen to support the Medical Detection Dogs Charity this year and will be donating a percentage of our profits to them.


Here's what they say:
We are at the forefront of the research into the fight against cancer and other life-threatening diseases, including Parkinson’s disease and bacterial infections. Our Bio Detection Dogs are trained to find the odour of those diseases in samples such as urine, breath and sweat and our work has the potential to benefit millions.
We rely on the generosity of our supporters, charitable trusts and foundations and members of the public to fund our life-saving work.

Canmore Canines is supportive of environmental sustainability. As such, we pack our orders using bio-degradable and/or recyclable packaging wherever possible.