Glamping or Camping?

Glamping or Camping?
Really excited - my humans read an article written by Felicity Cloake and published in the Sunday Times on 25thApril : “Lead the way – Dog Friendly Glamping in Gloucestershire”. See the article here. That must mean they’re thinking of taking me away on holiday with them again and I can’t wait - it’s been quite a while since our last holiday.
There’s something magical about sleeping under the stars (or canvas) and it suits my lifestyle down to the ground. That’s not to say I’m averse to a bit of luxury glamping!
Anyway, the humans are obviously on board as they’ve already started digging out all the camping gear and checking it all over.
The Human’s Take on It
Camping with dogs is one of the most fun ways to spend a weekend, in our opinion - long walks, dips in the nearby lakes or ocean, a couple of beers and a BBQ in the evening with your best friends by your side. You’ll have a tired and happy dog, warming up by the fire and then a free ‘hot water bottle’ when you cosy up together in your tent at night.
After reading the article in the Sunday Times, we started getting the camping gear out of winter storage and planning our next trip away (think Duke spotted us!). It also got us thinking about all the essentials to enjoy a human and dog glamping or camping trip. We thought we would share some of these thoughts with you guys – especially as the trend for camping trips is ever growing. We think this trend will continue more and more post Covid with many people planning weekend getaways, perhaps in country, whilst we are still unsure of travel restrictions to go further afield.
What a great way to detach from the everyday rat race and get some quality time with friends, family, and dogs – it’s a special bond that can be strengthened through the great outdoors.
So, what kind of kit should you be thinking about if you’re taking your dog away with you?
A great harness is really useful. It will allow you to have extra control when you need it, give your dog a helping hand if they get tired climbing over obstacles and provide easy attachment points for every lead you choose to use in a comfortable manner whilst maintaining freedom of movement. What type you choose to go for will depend on the activities you plan to do whilst away so have a read through the specific uses of the different harnesses we have on offer. As well as your everyday and sport specific harnesses we also have a crash tested safety harness for your car which is really a great idea for keeping your dog safe en route to your destination. I assume you all put your seatbelt on when you travel in a vehicle so please think about providing your dog with the same level of protection!
You’ll need to select one of our leads that can be used for a variety of activities whether you’re looking to go walking, running, biking, or simply something light and comfortable so you can easily keep your dog under control if you’re in a busy camp site (some require dogs to be on a lead at all times). Finding the right one is no issue – take a look in the Canmore Canines shop.
We have a few different belts to choose from. I find them super useful for when you want to be hands free but keep your dog safely nearby. They are also great for your pup to give you a helping hand when you come across any steep hills!
Sleeping Bag (for your dog)
Your dog will love having his/her own place to rest at night. Somewhere warm and cosy where they can feel safe and rest up after a long day of adventuring whether that’s hiking, biking, swimming, paddle boarding or playing fetch out in the fields.
Take a look at our sleeping bag from Non-stop Dogwear – it can also double up as a simple dog bed and is so light and easy to chuck in the car and move around your campsite. You could even personalise it with your dog’s name to make him/her feel really special!
Backpacks (for your dog)
Have you thought about giving your dog a job to do and allow them to share the load? Most dogs love feeling like they are useful and part of the team and will be more than happy to help with one of our comfortable day packs. They can tire your dog out more, keep them happy and they are so easy to bring along any useful extras you might need. For example, a first aid kit, some water to drink, maybe a ball or toy. Whatever you want really. Just be mindful not to overload your dog and build up in weight gradually. Never exceed loading the pack with more than 10% of your dog’s body weight. Take a look here
Having something for your dog to wear in the evening once the temperature drops is really important to keep your dog safe and comfortable or a raincoat for those that arn’t massive fans of being wet is also a nice idea. We have a couple of different options for waterproof or warm gear that are both extremely light and packable and your dog will be grateful when you bring them along.
Drying Robe or Towel
Planning on any water-based activities? This is a must. The drying coat from Dogrobes is amazing! Quick drying, comfortable and stylish. This will keep your car from getting wet and muddy and will keep your dog warm and cosy after a swim. Take a look at all the colour options. Or you could simply pack a microfibre towel from Ancol. Either one can be personalised too!
GPS Tracker
If your dog is off lead at any time then you want to be thinking about a tracking device. In my opinion, it’s better to be safe than sorry. A GPS tracker will give you comfort knowing where your dog is at all times. Simply look at your phone to track their movements and get them back safely! You can also check in on your dog's fitness and activity levels and see how they compare with similar dogs. Take a look at our new product from Tractive here!
Small Extras
Don’t forgot items like paw care, first aid kits, hydration flasks, treat bags, food storage, safety lights or balls and or toys! All small, don’t take up much room  but will really add to your trip by having them with you! Have a look in our camping section.
Whatever you choose to do - glamping or camping - have a great time with your dog!

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