The 3 Benefits Of Crate Training Your Dog

The 3 Benefits to Crate Training Your Dog By Canmore Canines. A helpful guide for dog owners considering whether crate training is right for them (and their dog).


Preparing to travel with your dog may seem a bit stressful but believe us when we say there is nothing better than sharing your adventures with your canine companion. Here are the   Top 10...

Amazing Grace changes Tom's Life

Amazing Grace Changes Tom's Life

Top 5 Reasons Why you Need Car Seat Protection

Your pup can’t help making a mess in the car, but you can help your wallet save a bundle on cleanup with just one simple purchase. 1. Accidents happen. Even house-trained dogs can have a...

Doggy Paddle – An Artform

Before we go sending our dogs off into the water, lets have a think first! What do we need to know about water safety, breed types and equipment selection. We all know a lot of dogs love water - but not all do... So.. lets dive in!

Pull or Heel – Make Your Mind Up!

So let me get this straight. For the first two years of my life you’ve been teaching me not to pull on the lead, to walk nicely or run along next to you and given me treats to reward this behaviour. I got that. NOW, you want me to run out ahead of you and pull you along!!!!! Make your mind up!

Glamping or Camping?

You may have recently read the article by Felicity Cloake and published in the Sunday Times on 25th April : “Lead the way – Dog Friendly Glamping in Gloucestershire” (


It certainly got me thinking. I love glamping and I am definitely not averse to a bit of luxury now and again especially if Duke, my retriever, gets the chance to be spoilt too.


But let’s not forget traditional camping and the magic that sleeping under the stars (or canvas) can actually bring…...

How to Keep Your Dog Safe on Summer Adventures

Longer days mean more time for fun in the sun! Now is the perfect time to start planning summer adventures with your dog like hiking, running, walking, swimming, paddling—you name it! There are endless opportunities to get out and adventure with your pup and having the right gear makes it better than ever.